Alloy Wheel Protection

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Protect your alloy wheels from damage with AlloyGator

Caravan Medic East Anglia is an approved fitter and distributor for the AlloyGator system of alloy wheel protection. We all know how easy it is to 'kerb' a caravan, motorhome or car wheel. It's an all too common occurrence and costly to put right.

alloy wheel protection

AlloyGators protect the the most vulnerable part of alloy wheels around the rim. They are made from super tough nylon. They are flexible and do not cause any damage to the wheel during fitting.

AlloyGators come in several colours. The two most common are black and silver. Black is hardly discernable and makes the tyre look bigger. Silver is also hardly noticeable and makes the wheel rim look bigger. Other colours are available for a more individual look. These are blue, red, yellow, pink, green, orange, and white.

prevent alloy wheel damage

For a demonstration of how AlloyGator works watch the U Tube clip below.

Alloygator wheel protection 

If you have AlloyGators fitted at the time of your caravan service it will only cost £50 for a single axle and £90 for a twin axle. You can of course have them fitted to your tow vehicle as well. Speak to Michael about this.