Caravan Level Indicator System

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Perfect Caravan Levelling from Pitch Perfect

caravan level indicator systemIncorrectly levelled caravans can cause problems with water drainage and cause uncomfortable sleep. The caravan fridge must also be level to operate correctly. Levelling a caravan onsite, particularly left to right, can be time consuming and stressful. It can involve one person checking the spirit level and shouting instructions to the driver. It doesn't have to be like this. "Pitch Perfect" is the unique caravan level indicator system. It makes caravan levelling easy and much less stressful. The system makes it possible for just one person to accurately level a caravan in the dark. The result is perfect levelling every time. 

Perfect Caravan LevellingPitch Perfect consists of two sensors, a battery box with on/off switch and two indicator housings. One sensor indicates front to back level and one sensor indicates side to side level. The two sensors and the battery box are mounted on the underside of the caravan floor, (all components are waterproof) or inside the caravan. One indicator is mounted under the front offside of the caravan. This is easily visible from tow car rear view mirror or when using a motor mover when adjusting side to side level on levelling ramps. One indicator is mounted on the side of, or through, the A frame cover. This is easily visible when adjusting front to back level with the jockey wheel.

Pitch Perfect Caravan LevellingWhen only one of the indicator lights are lit the caravan is low on that side or end. The caravan is first levelled side to side, then front to back. When both lights are lit the caravan is level in that axis.

The Pitch Perfect is installed with the caravan pre-set to the required level position and then the Pitch Perfect sensors are calibrated to indicate level at this position. Level will then be accurately indicated every time the caravan is sited.

For a demonstration of how Pitch Perfect works click on the Pitch Perfect logo below. 

Pitch Perfect 

Caravan Medic East Anglia can supply and install Pitch Perfect on your caravan for just £99 when booked with either a service or repair.