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A caravan motor mover takes the stress out of manoeuvring your caravan into tight spaces. Motor movers are a godsend for people who are not confident at reversing their caravan onto a pitch; or for owners who are elderly or infirm; or for people who do not have enough space at home to be able to manoeuvre a caravan attached to a towing vehicle.

Reich 'MoveControl' Motor Mover

Reich MoveControl Motor MoverMCEA engineers are the approved installers for Reich motor movers. Reich is the industry leader in this field. All movers have a five year warranty. The Reich ‘MoveControl’ caravan mover gearbox and motors are located inside the chassis away from tyre spray. The movers clamp onto the chassis, no drilling or welding is required. They do not affect the operation of the shock absorbers and can be fitted behind or in front of the wheels. If you change your caravan the mover can be transferred onto the new outfit.

Movers for twin axles have a four wheel drive system. This offers effortless manoeuvring even under the most extreme conditions. It allows you to reduce the turn radius while maintaining complete control of the caravan. The 4-wheel drive ensures that you can clear kerbs easily and traverse pot holes and other road obstacles. It offers enormous power and will move a 2000Kg twin-axle caravan up a gradient of more than 15%. 

Prices (fully fitted including VAT)

Single Axle Movers Rated up to 2000kg   


Move control economy, manual, 36kg RRP £950 Our Price £820 

Move control comfort, manual, 33kg RRP £1120 Our Price  £940   

Move control compact, auto, 35kg RRP £1395 Our Price  £1260   

Cross Mover, auto, 39kg RRP £1195 Our Price  £1,099   


Twin Axle Movers Rated up to 3000kg (All Twins are  4-wheel drive)   


Move control economy, manual, 72kg RRP £1740 Our Price £1625   

Move control comfort, manual, 66kg RRP £1995 Our Price  £1840   

Move control compact, auto, 70kg RRP £2640 Our Price  £2350   

Cross Mover, auto, 78kg RRP £2250 Our Price  £2150   

We can obtain and fit motor movers from other manufacturers if required. Examples include;

Truma Motor Mover  Purpleline Motor Mover  Royal Motor Mover

Powrtouch Motor Mover  Motor Glide Motor Mover  Grove Motor Mover


EGO Motor Mover  Easy Move Motor Mover  Rhyno Motor Mover