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Refillable Gas Systems

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Refillable LPG Bottles and Tanks

Refillable gas bottleCaravan Medic East Anglia supply and fit refillable gas systems from GAS IT. All GAS IT bottles and tanks are solely designed to be self-refillable from any Autogas station or LPG pump anywhere in the world.  They are installed with the latest safety valve systems that makes sure the filling of them is legal and easy to do. This is done by an internal shut off valve which automatically stops the gas bottle or tank being filled beyond 80 per cent of its capacity. 


Refilling GAS IT systems in the UK is very straightforward and is no more difficult to do than refilling your car or van with petrol or diesel. Also filling a GAS IT System abroad is also easy as it only needs a GAS IT European Adaptor for the country you are visiting. 


GAS IT fill systems use the UK Fill bayonet in Brass with none return valve. This has 2 pins fitted in the horizontal position.  The Autogas / LPG Pumps Fill gun will connect to these pins then rotate the gun to the right to fix to the pins fully.  Depending on the fill gun type, you will either pull a handle which locks the gun on or on the 2nd type of fill gun, pull a trigger and lock it at its base.    


GAS IT bottles can be used instead of the exchangeable propane or butane bottles. They are particularly useful for caravanners who Rally or who spend most of their trips off grid as the cost to refill a bottle is a fraction of the cost of an exchange bottle. Adaptors are available so that you can fill your autogas system in other European countries.


Refillable gas tankMotorhome owners may prefer to have fixed tanks installed under the vehicle or bottles installed in the gas locker with a fixed fill point. 


GAS IT bottles are certified to EN1442 and tanks are certified to ECE R67 regulations. All GAS IT products are fully NCC Code of Practice 306 compliant for Motorhome vapour tank installs.


Call Michael if you would like to have a refillable gas system installed.