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Choose the right solar panel for your caravan

More and more people are looking to create energy self-sufficiency in their caravan or motorhome and like the idea of harnessing the power of the sun. However it can be confusing trying to decide between the different types and sizes of solar panels available. Caravan Medic East Anglia supplies and fits solar power from Solar Technology International as we have found that they provide the most comprehensive and reliable solar energy solutions for caravanners and motor home owners.


Foldup solar panel for caravansIf most of your trips are to sites with hook-up power you will not need a large solar panel solution. A simple and cost effective way to charge and maintain your leisure battery is to connect a small 4w foldup solar panel to the battery. These panels have been shown to extend battery life by up to 20 per cent, and so are ideal if you keep your caravan or motorhome in storage for several months of the year. They are fully weather resistant, have a built in stand and a battery charging indicator. They are also very versatile; by connecting to a car or motorhome 12v socket they prevent vehicle battery drain.  


Fold up solar panelIf you like to spend time at CL sites without hook-up power larger foldup solar panels could be the solution. These are perfect if you are looking for a highly portable system which is quick and easy to use. Each panel has its own integrated stand, charge controller and battery connectors. All you need to do is open it up, stand it up and connect it to your battery for instant power. These rugged, weatherproof panels are supplied with a premium padded carry bag. They are available in three panel sizes, 40w, 60w and 90w. The size of panel will depend on your power usage. For example, a 40w panel will be fine for two people to run the lights, water pump and television for two hours per day. 


Rigid solar panel fitted to caravanIf you dont like the idea of setting up a solar panel every time you arrive on site then a fixed panel could be the solution. A rooftop fixed solar panel is ideal if you are looking to have solar energy on tap. Panels are available from 18w up to 150w depending on your power requirements. The charge controller, which controls how much power goes into the battery, can be fitted discretely in a wardrobe or cupboard.

All panels have a 20-year cell output warranty and 10-year module warranty. 



Flexible solar panel for caravanFlexible panels are lightweight, supper rugged and can be flush fitted to most curved surfaces. This makes them the preferred solution for camper vans and motor home conversions. They provide higher power output even in really harsh environments, such as intense heat, salt water or ice. Combining 2mm stainless steelback panel, high efficiency crystalline solar cell and super hard wearing abrasion resistant front strata ensures that the panel keeps delivering power whatever the conditions.

They are available in three panel sizes, 40w, 60w and 80w. These panels can be connected together to create more powerful arrays.


Please speak to Michael if you are not sure which system or size of panel will best suit your energy requirements.